10 FREE google - FONT Pairings for Wedding Photographers

<h1><i>10 FREE google - FONT Pairings for Wedding Photographers</h1></i>

Typography that you use in your brand, in your business, has an emotional impact on your clients through their appearance. They’re one of the first things people see when they discover your business so the right fonts can set the tone for your entire brand! That’s why it is so crucial to be strategic and aware of the ones you choose. They represent you, your brand’s personality, and giving people the right feel and impression about your business.

However, finding the right typography is sometimes not that easy. That‘s why I‘ve put together 10 high-quality font combinations for you, with a timeless & elegant design, which is perfect for you as a wedding photographer.

The best part? They are completely free and are also royalty-free! All Fonts you can find at Google Fonts. But, wait! Before you choose a font it is important to understand the different font categories. Therefore I created for you a small guide where you can see the differences and also learn which brand voice these fit.

I wish you a lot of joy while searching and trying out THE perfect font combination for you and your business.

XO, Jutta